As e-filing or electronic filing of specifically mentioned documents related to family law cases has been made mandatory by the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles that went into effect from November 15, 2021, litigants must have a knowledge of what actually counts as family law cases and the documents that need to be mandatorily filed.

Family law covers a vast area of family relations and related concerns. Family laws regulate laws regarding marriage, divorce, illegitimacy, inheritance, guardianship, adoption, treatment of children and related matters. It even concerns the economic matters related to these relations. Family laws deal with marriage law, marriage license, prenuptial agreements, divorce requirements, community property laws, and child support guidelines.

If you have no knowledge regarding the functioning and reach of these laws, it becomes really important to hire a Family Law Attorney, especially if it is a divorce case, child custody matter and these types of cases are the ones that would require you to have a considerable knowledge of the law.

If you are going through a family law case, the emotions might take the best of you and hence, hiring an attorney that can talk your case and make the necessary negotiations on your part becomes a dominant factor. Countrywide Process offers experienced, certified and knowledgeable attorneys who provide unmatchable assistance to the litigants. EFSPs at Countrywide process offers the best e-filing services and are handling the recent mandatory e-filing of the documents related to family law cases.

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